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Model United Nations Conference

For 23 years, students at Tustin High School have presented and organized a two day Model United Nations Conference. This year the conference was attended by 1550 students from 43 high schools. Tustin Model U.N. Conference adviser Kevin Trevithick has been a teacher...

Replacing the Dewey System With Bookstore Style

In an effort to make browsing the school library easier, a high school librarian hopes that replacing the Dewey system with bookstore style organization will prompt students to read and use the library as a resource. At Monarch High School, librarian Beatrice Gerrish...

High School Humanities Program Shows Promise

In this era of emphasis on science, technology and math in schools, a high school humanities program shows promise as it cultivates a school within a school environment. The collaboration between McKinley High School in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and LSU’s English...

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