A bilingual parent program is being considered by one school district to offer English language instruction for the Spanish speaking parents of students.

The program offered by Fairmont School District 89 in cooperation with Joliet Junior College would need at least 20 parents to commit to participation in order for the program to run. It is still in the planning stages, and would be free of charge.

The district tried to put together a bilingual parent program four years ago, but they could not get 20 parents to commit at that time.


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“Well over 100 parents [in the district] speak Spanish only or are limited English speaking, and I must admit I do find it difficult to stomach the idea we aren’t able to get 20,” Whitaker said. “They’re offering a comprehensive program at JJC. … Maybe it is a recruiting effort that needs to be done.”

In addition to the 20 parents who commit to the program, the school district is also seeking volunteers to tutor and teach English to the adults.

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