Disallowing homeschoolers and private school students in public high school has been gaining the attention of state boards of education.  They want to clamp down on recruitment of such students from home school or private school for the purpose of enhancing a sports team.

Disallowing Homeschoolers and Private School Students in SportsIn Kansas, Senate Bill 60 which was introduced last year would provide any resident student the ability to participate in any of the district’s activities even if they do not attend a school in the district full time. The Kansas State Board of Education is opposing that bill.

Executive director of the Kansas State High School Activities Association Gary Musselman told the board that Senate Bill 60 “is the biggest challenge on our horizon.”

“We’re educators first,” he said. “We’re not entertainment. We’re not Parks and Recreation.”

The bill is still active, but was never passed in the last session.  The intent was to benefit home schooled students, whose families pay taxes to support schools.

Senator Forrest Knox, R-Altoona, was in favor of the bill during the House Committee hearing, along with home schooling parents. Knox stated that in rural areas, there are few opportunities available for activities outside of the public schools for home schooled students. Musselman believes that the law would compel state universities to allow any college age resident of Kansas to play on sports teams, even if they are not enrolled.

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