A grant for creating a fab lab will make a huge difference to high school students who need encouragement in pursuing STEM careers.

Grant for Creating a Fab Lab Will Make a Huge DifferenceCurrently the Department of Education estimates that only 16 percent of high school seniors have an interest in STEM jobs, while the careers are growing at 1.7 times the rate of non-STEM jobs.

At Chippewa Falls Senior High School, a $25,000 grant is causing great excitement among faculty and students, as it will enable the district to purchase high tech equipment used in contemporary manufacturing and design. In addition, fab labs are connected across the world by a network allowing users to share files and ideas.

The grant was obtained through a detailed application process and a presentation for a local Nordstrom Corporation.

“A majority of our funds go toward education,” Shannon Potts, local Nordson contact said. “Because the proposed amount was so large, it became a capital grant, so we had to take it to the corporate foundation board in Cleveland.”

Once the board agreed, the school was the recipient of the first Nordstrom Capital Grant to be awarded in Wisconsin.

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