A unique program has high school students combine college classes with job shadowing, and the career interest exploration is paying off for them when they graduate.

High School Students Combine College Classes with Job ShadowingAt Kickapoo High School in Springfield, MO, hands on college and career preparation can be explored through college classes, job shadowing, and internships. Students are able to conduct research and gain experience.

For four years, Audrey Moore has explored her love of science and the ocean and is on track to become a marine biologist. She has taken college classes and has an ongoing internship at America’s Wildlife Museum & Aquarium.

“This has put me in the right place. It has helped set the bar high for me,” said Moore”It puts me ahead of the game, in a way, because of the job shadowing, volunteer work and internship.”

“Kickapoo U” was created to help high school students who have good grades, behavior, and attendance gain experience and build the skills and resume for college and career goals. Community service is also an important part of the process.

“We want to be the bridge between high school and college,” said Lynn Coffey, a business teacher who helped establish Kickapoo U along with recently retired educator Deana Butcher. “We are educating them for their future.”

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