It may be possible to improve teen memory with mindfulness meditation, according to the results of a recent study.

“These results are consistent with a growing body of research in adults that has found mindfulness meditation to be a helpful tool for enhancing working memory capacity,” said Kristen E. Jastrowski Mano of the psychology department at the University of Cincinnati, coauthor of the study.


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For the study, 198 middle school students were divided into three groups: mindfulness meditation, hatha yoga or a waitlist.  Most of the students were female, between the ages of 12-15, and from low income households qualifying for reduced cost lunches.

Students completed memory assessments at the beginning and end of the study. They reported their stress and anxiety levels on questionnaires.

The meditation and yoga groups met twice a week, for four weeks, for 45 minute sessions.  Students also logged their home practice in journals.

At the end of the study, memory scores increased in the mindfulness meditation group but not in the yoga or waitlist groups.

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