In a school enterprise class, kids are learning real world business skills.

For three 12 year old girls, designing and selling earrings made from wood was not all that difficult, but required care.  They created earring shapes using Google Drawings, printed to the laser cutting program, and then began the process of selling through a business plan with the website they had designed.ARROWS

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In the shop room the three girls – Naomi Kessinger, Stella Neuschul and Chloe Morand – repeated the instructions for printing. “Line up the laser cutter. Jog it to where you want to start cutting. Set to vector cut.”

“The students are learning so many skills,” said Peter Goetz, the Kent Middle School teacher who co-designed the class with shop teacher Jeffrey Deboi and art teacher Michele Montgomery. “They learn crafts and technology. They make business cards. They learn physical skills working with their hands.”

Students this year cleared $1525 in profit, and will dontate that money to the Marin Charitable Association. “What’s most important is the character traits they learn,” Montgomery added. “Collaboration. Working with others. Perseverance. Overcoming setbacks.”

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