Technology has for many years assisted students in the study of foreign languages, and now, learning new languages online has given some students the opportunity to improve their vocabulary, conversations and comprehension.

Learning New Languages OnlineThe new online set up for foreign language study is part of a Blended Learning Academy that combines a live teacher and online lessons.  In Hall County, Georgia, students in middle and high school have access to the online learning opportunities.

F0reign language instructors Wes Vonier and Damien Turpin teach multiple Spanish courses that students can access from home, interacting with them in a virtual classroom.

“Although the content is online, this is not what you’d think of with a typical online course,” Vonier said. “This is not a matter of viewing a video and taking a quiz. … There is a high level of interaction or time spent working with the teacher and classmates.”

During a presentation Vonier gave to the school board, he connected to five students and his fellow instructor to show the board how the virtual classroom functions.

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