Parents and children discovered when spending an evening together at school that math night is family fun night.

At Washington Elementary School in North Platte, Nebraska, families visited the school and participated in math related games with their children. “One of the things we like to do is involve the parents, so we have two to three different functions throughout the year,” Title I teacher Julie Kinnaman said. “It focuses around activities parents can do at home with their children, including games to reinforce addition or subtraction.”ARROWS

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Students played games against their parents or classmates for about an hour. In another area, they constructed three dimensional creations with different shape.  Still others practiced counting money or rolling dice.

“Each of the classroom teachers has some type of a game activity to keep the students interest,” Kinnaman said. “Each year the teachers purchase a few of those games or come up with some ideas and we put them out during the event.”

Estimation was also an activity that was popular through the evening, as students guessed the amount of candy that was inside six jars that were laid out.  “Estimation is a skill used in life,” Kinnaman said.

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