For 23 years, students at Tustin High School have presented and organized a two day Model United Nations Conference. This year the conference was attended by 1550 students from 43 high schools.

Tustin Model U.N. Conference adviser Kevin Trevithick has been a teacher at the high school for eight years. This is his first time directing the conference.  “We try to guide them to keep them on the right path, but they do all the work,” Trevithick said. “These students never cease to amaze me.”


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Students have the opportunity to take different roles as country representatives in a general session of the U.N. or corporate boards of directors of large companies solving problems. They are scored for the quality of their speech, arguments, and how well they portray their roles.

This year, students got to react to a surprise. An hour into the session, the students were compelled to hear important news of a terrorist attack in Egypt which left 2o0 people dead. The students’ abilities to adapt strategies was tested by the fictional attack.  They also needed to remain consistent with the beliefs of the representatives they were playing.

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