It may come as no surprise to some parents that psychologists claim that Common Core state tests give kids anxiety.

In New York, 3/4 of school psychologists who responded to a survey from across the state’s 700 school districts said that state tests cause more anxiety than local ones. This figure was the result of a survey by the state School Boards Association and the state Association of School Psychologists. 1,672 school psychologists were asked to respond to the survey. 13 percent of them responded. 

While the anxiety has not led to physical ailments, the psychologists affirm that the Common Core testing is a stressor for students.


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“This report should make all education stakeholders — from state policymakers to local teachers to parents — aware of the profound impact that they can have, both positive and negative, on student test anxiety,” said Timothy Kremer, executive director of the School Boards Association.

According to the report, the anxiety is more common at the elementary level. The stress is characterized as “internal”, meaning that students worry and become withdrawn rather than acting out.

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