Thanksgiving and fun family time is synonymous in our family and I bet it is in yours too. Family activities abound in our home…whether it is a trip to the zoo, a hike in the woods, play cards, or play a game… Thanksgiving is the holiday time for families to breathe and take time to be together and play and enjoy each other.

Family Hiking 5334479366_e7d86e884f_zOne great way to make your Thanksgiving a great one is to plan a bit ahead for doing some family activities that reduce stress and create family memories. The great thing about these Thanksgiving activities is that they also improve learning skills.

Thanksgiving Activity 1

Take a family walk or hike and collect the leaves that have fallen. When you get home, use them for table decorations OR make place-mats from them by doing leaf rubbings OR sort them according to shapes, sizes, and colors.

1. Place the leaf under a blank sheet of paper.
2. Rub the top of the paper firm color crayons. They will pick up the design and shape of the leaf.
3. Move the leaf and do it again, until you’ve made the design you want on your paper.
4. Outline each leaf rubbing with a marker or pen so that each individual leaf stands out.
5. Put names on the place-mat and then use them for each family member at breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Thanksgiving Activity 2Turkey

Read a Thanksgiving Book or watch a Thanksgiving Movie with the family. Then use page 27 from Ten Minutes to Better Study Skills and chart out the: who, what, where, when, why, and how for each character in the story. Decide who was your favorite character and who was your least favorite character and why! This will improve comprehension skills!

Fun Books to Read as Part of Your Thanksgiving Family Activities

Reading as a family is always a nurturing and fun activity during the holidays. Here is just a short list of books that are available to read as part of your family activities.

 10 Fat Turkeys
 Pete the Cat: The First Thanksgiving
 The Story of the Pilgrims
 Girl Jacked
 101 Thanksgiving Word Scrambles
 The Great Thanksgiving Escape

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