In an effort to make browsing the school library easier, a high school librarian hopes that replacing the Dewey system with bookstore style organization will prompt students to read and use the library as a resource.

At Monarch High School, librarian Beatrice Gerrish created her own library system of classifying books and materials so that students could find them much as they would in a bookstore. It took three years, and she received help from students and parents.  The project is now complete, and she is offering other schools the opportunity to use the Monarch Method for free.


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According to Gerrish,  the commonly used Dewey Decimal system, which was developed in the United States in 1876, does not help students who are accustomed to browsing books by category as they would on Amazon or at a bookstore.

“I’m trying to make it as close to Amazon as I can, so kids can browse and easily find what they were looking for. I wanted to make sure it was really natural for the kids and intuitive.”

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