Teachers are benefiting from the assistance of the campus technician, but they find it is easier and more efficient sometimes to work with a student geek squad troubleshooting school computers.

Student Geek Squad Troubleshooting School ComputersThe campus technician at Nogales High School oversees approximately 800 computers. It can be difficult for teachers who need immediate attention to get what they need from the tech, so they reach out to information technology students.

“Sometimes I ask the teacher, ‘Why do you call me, we have a tech,’ and they say, ‘I know but you’re faster,’” said IT program instructor Robert Lugo.  Lugo knows that the tech has an enormous workload, and is sympathetic to him.

Students in the IT program learn all about computers and gain customer service skills when responding to calls for assistance. Lugo is proud of his students accomplishments.

“It gives me goose bumps,” he said as he looked at photo collages of former students plastered on his classroom wall.

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