Forty two sixth graders are divided into 9 groups at Oakdale Elementary, working from a task list as students plan their own direction with personalized learning.  They complete each task as they choose, and then work ahead when finished.

During the math hour, the class hustles.  Five girls compared their completed problems with answer keys, saving time and readying their questions for a teacher on what they missed.


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Student teacher Hannah Kupka arrived at each group, checking assignments and reviewing concepts and problems on individual whiteboards.

The approach to the class is called personalized learning.  It is different from a traditional classroom in that students do not all do the same thing together.

“That sounds crazy. Why would you expect all students to need the same thing in math on that particular day?” sixth-grade teacher Becca Kratky said. “Allowing (students) to move at their own pace, allowing them to pursue their interests, makes learning much more exciting.” She is one of 80 teachers who are implementing personalized learning in all grades at Westside Community Schools.

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