Students Presented Obesity Research to Surgeon GeneralA group of Jacksonville high school students presented obesity research to Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, in an attempt to have an impact on stopping the obesity epidemic among young people.

Changing the future of health in the United states was on the minds of 24 students with the I’m a Star Foundation, who met with the Surgeon General and presented almost a year’s worth of research on childhood obesity in Jacksonville.  They suggested ways to improve the outcome, with the perspectives of young people.

“A few years ago, the people from the Health Department came to speak with the kids and told them they probably wouldn’t outlive their own parents because of their poor eating habits,” said Betty Burney, founder and executive director of I’m A Star Foundation. “They were determined to change that.”

After attending an obesity summit in Tennessee senior Kendra Houston became very concerned. “They said that by 2050, everyone would be obese,” Houston said. “That was the thing that really stuck with me.”

Houston and the team noticed that that adults are approaching childhood obesity as adults, but that children generally are not involved in the initiatives.  They felt this was one approach that had to change.

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