It’s a lot easier for students to get help when professionals collaborate by having teachers helping teachers.

Teachers Helping TeachersFour school districts are serving as a resource for each other among middle school teachers. A Professional Learning Community (PLC) has been formed by teachers in the Central A&M, Moulton, Okaw Valley and Sullivan school districts in Illinois who work together aligning curriculum and standards.

“Many of the local school districts are serving small communities. Most of the student population is similar with mostly agrarian economy in a rural setting with a decent poverty rate and low multi-cultural representation,” said Central A&M Middle School principal Ryan Scott.

“We are also charged with meeting the same standards (Common Core) with a curriculum designed around them and performance measured on a common assessment, PARCC,” he stated.

A PLC allows teachers to learn from each other in communities where resources are limited. They have a common goal of better education for their students.

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