Teaching as a team has enabled teachers to focus on one area of expertise to teach their students, and pool resources to work together in teaching third and fourth graders.

Teaching as a TeamThe Collinsville Independent School District is facilitating team teaching as they believe it will be better for teachers of third and fourth grade students to work together in teams.

“It’s a good fit because the material that the state is asking students to learn in the grade levels and ages they’re asking them to learn it, it’s almost impossible for a third or fourth grade teacher to be an expert in all four subject areas,” Collinsville Elementary School Principal Ken Kemp said.

The switch began last year from self contained single teaching to departmentalized team teaching. Now in its second year, Collinsville ISD is seeing that there is a positive effect on students and teachers.

“Once we figured out where their natural talents were, we worked along those lines to divide the grade levels up so teachers could teach in particular content areas,” Kemp said. “Because of the difficulty of the material that the state is asking kids to learn, it just makes sense to be an expert in fewer areas so you can be really good at what you’re teaching.”

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