The time when the vocational department was considered separate from high school is over, as vocational school is now career and technical education, where students of varying abilities and education paths mix and learn together.

At Attleboro High School, the changes have been noted school committee members see the changes from regarding the vocational wing as almost a separate school to now having Career and Technical Education accessed by students from different areas of study.


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“It’s not your grandfather’s voke department. The walls have come down,” said school committee Chairman David Murphy.

According to Susan Edmonds, the director of CTE, all Attleboro High Freshmen take a course in the department exploring their options, rather than just those concentrating on a vocation. Students move seamlessly between CTE and Advanced Placement and Honors programs. Senior Ryan Healey spoke with the committee. He told them that the colleges he has applied to are  “blown away with the work we’ve done in engineering.”

In addition to engineering, CTE offers medical assistant, criminal justice and plumbing programs, to prepare students for jobs.

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