They call the 30 minute sessions at the end of the school day “What I Need” time.  It’s clear that with the added enrichment, students are WINning.

What I Need TimeAt Columbus Middle School, the last half hour of the day is set aside for intervention and enrichment, allowing students extra instruction or other opportunities for learning. It goes way beyond the additional study hall which was previously scheduled.  Students are not just given extra time for homework.  They are given additional opportunities for learning and understanding.

All students are required to attend WIN time daily.  They receive a schedule of the sessions at the beginning of the week so that they can sign up. Those who need specific help with a subject are assigned to go to those special sessions.

According to Principal Amy Haynes, the results have been encouraging. The number of students who receive D’s and F’s is decreasing.  Teachers have seen growth in learning among their students as well.

Seventh grade social studies teacher Christina Nilson says that her students have significantly improved in map labeling and reading. “In world history we study maps. A couple weeks ago, we pulled a list of 20 students who were struggling the most. We took those 20 students and did a very targeted intervention in what they needed to know. It was very helpful,” she said.

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