As US Catholic schools struggle to balance Common Core with values that are spiritual, a backlash against standardized testing is growing.

Catholic Schools Struggle to Balance Common Core with ValuesRecently, the Diocese of Albany announced that it is reducing the frequency of Common Core aligned tests, but it is sticking with the standards for skills students master at each grade level.

“Although the standards of the Common Core itself are good, the collateral pieces have caused great strife for families and teachers,” Superintendent Michael Pizzingrillo said.

Surveys have shown that approximately half of the 195 dioceses in the United States initially adopted the Common Core Standards, according to the National Catholic Educational Association. Private schools are not obligated to adopt the standards.

“Right now, Catholic schools are still trying to figure out how they respond to the Common Core and how deeply they embrace it,” said Dan Guernsey, director of K-12 programming at the Cardinal Newman Society. He says that the focus has to remain on the development of students’ “mind, body and spirit.”

“We don’t open Catholic schools to get kids into college,” Guernsey said. “We open Catholic schools to get them into heaven.”

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