A desire to have a positive impact on the environment and reduce waste was the reason to have children start a recycling program in the school cafeteria.

Children Start a Recycling Program In the School CafeteriaThe fifth graders are dedicated to sorting out the recyclables, and taking the recycling out from the cafeteria on a daily basis from Cordley Elementary School. They always correct a few mistakes each day.

“Mashed potatoes are not recyclable,” says Owen Musser removing a cup of potatoes from the blue recycling bin and dropping it in the nearby trash can.

Owen is one of three fifth graders who started the recycling program.  At the start of the school you, the students researched and planned the program and implemented it as part of an outside project.  They have taken it far beyond the requirements.

Because the success of the program depended on other students, the three children set about educating their peers about recycling. They made posters to hand in the library and hallways, and handouts that went home, explaining about the importance of recycling and how to do it correctly.

“We realized that lots of people didn’t know where their trash is going, and thought that it just disappeared — which made our (project) name, Green Hole — because where do people think their trash is going, in a black hole?” said Joe O’Keefe, one of the original students.

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