Chinese businesses are expanding study abroad for Americans, thanks to grants they provided to a program sending Delaware high school students to China.

Chinese Businesses Are Expanding Study Abroad for AmericansThe China Study Abroad program is part of the state’s push to prepare students for internationally competitive jobs by making them familiar with languages and cultures abroad, specifically in China.

This summer, the program started with 20 students hosted by the Wanxiang Group.  This is China’s largest auto parts manufacturer.  Students observed the company’s work on geothermal energy and biofuels.

“Being out and talking with people on the street was my favorite part,” said Jared York, a Caesar Rodney High School student. “I was a little nervous when we started because of the language barrier. But I actually found it surprisingly easy to talk with them.”

Many student found the most rewarding part of the experience was daily interaction with local people, and visiting important sites such as the Great Wall.

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