A government study has found decreasing asthma rates for children over the past decade, and now researchers are looking for reasons that explain this trend.

Decreasing Asthma Rates for ChildrenSome of the suggested factors that may contribute to the lower number of cases in children may include declines in air pollution and a possible leveling in childhood obesity rates, according the the 2001-2013 study.

Asthma rates increased slightly among children age 17 and younger, but then declined by the end of the study. When the study was completed, 8.3 percent of children were affected by asthma.  The rates varied among races, ages, and some regions.

From 1980 to 1985, childhood asthma rates doubled.  This was in part due to increased awareness and diagnosis. In the more recent study, there were slower increases. The top was 9.3 in 2010, and most declines were in children under 5, children in the midwest and from families what were not in the lower socio-economic group.  There was also a decline in asthma reported among Mexican children.

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