Forth graders are designing a city park, as a project based learning outgrowth of a meeting with their city mayor to learn more about government.

Fourth Graders are Designing a City ParkAt Eastside Elementary, fourth grade students meet with the mayor each year to learn about city government.  This year, the mayor presented a new opportunity, telling them about the purchase of land for a new city park.

Teachers realized that this was a new learning opportunity.  The students undertook making design ideas as a project based learning lesson.  Teachers Andrea Sutterfield, Tom Kitts, Carrie Vick, and Emily Kimble arranged for them to meet with an architect, to help with design ideas.

The students visited the Greenbriar High School East Lab students who are also working on design ideas with the mayor, as well as meeting with city architect Steven Hurd who showed them about models, scale and placement.

The students formed groups, and designed their idea of a perfect park, including water parks, zip lines, dog parks, storm shelters, and more.

“This project encompassed every subject. Math, Science, Social Studies, and even public speaking,” Vick said.

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