Fifth graders are learning to use their math skills with hammers and drills, as part of a national applied mathematics program “If I Had a Hammer”

If I Had A HammerAt Lansdowne Elementary School in Lexington, Kentucky, students built a one room frame house inside the gym. The project took about two hours. Although it was small, the house was large enough to allow the whole class inside.

The idea of the program is that children must succeed in math during elementary school, or their educational future will be damaged.

“We’re just trying to show children what they can do when they apply math and science to the real world,” said Perry Wilson, founder of the Tennessee-based program.

“We’re also really teaching about team building; we’re also trying to teach kids about the value of their education. You have to have a plan to build a house. You have to have a plan for your life,” Wilson said.

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