A unique project at one elementary school has kids create businesses for a school shopping mall.  The annual event features ideas from elementary school entrepreneurs, in which they create a business plan and a product, determine a price point, build a storefront, chart production numbers and write and shoot a commercial.

Kids Create Businesses For a School Shopping MallThe shopping mall takes place the last day of school before winter break in the cafetorium.  The winner is the first business to sell out.  Other students get a chance to shop.

“This year is going to be the biggest year yet. I hope we fit,” said Andrea LaBranche, one of the third-grade teachers at the school.

LaBranche and a coworker started the project when she was sworking in Gainesville.  When she moved to Mills Elementary in 2004, the project came with her. She believes the project is a success because of student “buy-in”. One of the tools she creates is a manager’s manual for each student, containing math lessons related to the project.  But students love using the manager’s manual, because it makes them feel important and official.

“It’s what makes it fun and memorable,” she said.

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