A new way of learning has kids work their bodies while working their minds

Kids Work Their Bodies While Working Their MindsAt Moundsville Middle School, exercise balls, step machines and stationary bikes have been placed in some of the classroom. A rotation of students uses the equipment to exercise body and mind simultaneously.

Teacher Suzanne Muncy obtained a grant for the program from the Highmark Foundation. She says that the students are able to have a way to move without being taken out of the work environment.

“It engages their mind. These allow a kid to fidget without disrupting the class, while engaging their core muscles,” Muncy said. “I read an article just last night about arterial blood flow, about kids sitting sedentary, and just getting them moving improves that.”

According to Muncy, the effect on high energy students was immediately obvious.

“That kid who can’t sit still, who used to be a pain, is in heaven in here,” Muncy said.

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