As a teacher of life skills classes for college students on the Autism spectrum, Rebecca Zebrowski wanted to know more about what really made her students mad.

Life Skills Classes for College Students on the Autism SpectrumShe asked what made them really stressed out?  What were their pet peeves?

She received a flurry of frustrated answers.  Some of the answers included phone yelling and loud singing.  The Defiance College students knew this particular irritation well.

“I don’t even know that I sing loud until someone tells me to shut up,” exclaimed Amanda Mohawk, a Wisconsin freshman who studies criminal justice and forensic science.

Zebrowski used the opportunity for an opening.

“That’s part of the difficulty of these triggers. Some of them are things that we love to indulge in and some of that drives someone else nuts, right?” Miss Zebrowski said.

Zebrowski’s classes on social skills and independent living are just one piece of the program for students on the autism spectrum offered at Defiance College. The ASD Affinity program has nine participants, learning to overcome the obstacles that might prevent them from obtaining a college degree. There are a growing number of initiatives to support college students with autism.

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