For 25 years, a career technical education program has flourished, as a successful medical careers program offers practical experience for those seeking to enter medical professions.  Physical therapists, veterinarians, and dentists and doctors have benefited from the strong experience provided at the beginning.  Currently, the program at Centreville High School has about 60 students.

Medical Careers Program Offers Practical ExperienceThere are nine CTE classes taught in St. Joseph County. Medical occupations as been led for 2o years by Darci Skrzyniarz, assisted by Sandy Carls.  It is very different from typical high school classes. “It provides a connection between their academic classes and how they’re going to apply that into a work setting,” Skrzyniarz said. “I think the kids who take a CTE course, including medical occupations, see that connection and they become better students in their (traditional) academic classes because they see the value.”

The class is available to juniors who are part of the CTE consortium of the St Joseph County Intermediate School District.  Home Schooled students are also accepted. In order to be admitted to the second year of the class students must fill out an application, write an essay, and secure three letters of recommendation.

Typically, there are fewer second year students, and those who remain find they like they experience as juniors and will enter college with a definite interest in the medical field.

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