Seventh and eighth grade middle school reading buddies inspire younger students to keep reading even though it means that the older student stay longer than their normal school day.

Middle School Reading Buddies Inspire Younger StudentsThe students from St Lawrence Middle School come in through the elementary school lobby and fan out to a dozen classrooms, books in hand, as part of a reading challenge.

“They’re all seventh- and eighth-graders. They all volunteer to be reading buddies,” said Becky Dullea, middle and high school librarian.  She coordinated the effort with  middle school English teachers Tina Taillon and Christine Compo-Martin, middle school guidance counselor Dominique LaVoie and fifth-grade teacher Alissa Austin, and others.

“Their day is done at 2:30. They’re staying after (to read to the elementary school students),” Ms. Compo-Martin said.

Students ranged from Kindergarten to fourth grade, along with a special education class.  The activity for the middle school students counted for meeting their goal of reading 1,500 books in December as part of the “Reading is a Gift” challenge.

“The little kids like to see the older students,” Ms. Compo-Martin said.

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