Third graders enjoyed solving math problems based on the life and work of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, in a videoconference with the Cleveland Institute of Music called “Mozart Math”.

Mozart MathThe challenge for the students at James H. Boyd Intermediate School in the Elwood Free School District was to solve math problems created from Mozarts life, including his compositions. They participated in 40 minute videoconference sessions which explained events in his life, and featured opportunities for them to listen to his music.

One of the math problems they solved was to create a timeline of events in his life.  These included his birth, the start of his compositions, his marriage, and his death.  Once they had constructed the timeline, they calculated math problems which revealed Mozart’s age at the time of the milestones in his life.

While they listened to Mozart’s music, the students counted beats and created a graph of the number of beats in in each piece.  The music was performed by the students at the Cleveland Institute of Music.   The students also took guesses at the total number of instruments in the orchestra, as well as the different instruments that were featured.

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