Providing summer food to children is the objective of the Hunger Free Summer for Kids Act  sponsored by U. S. Senator John Boozman. Supporters of the bill, including many grass roots hunger relief groups, believe that it will help many children across the USA  get the food they need.

Providing Summer Food For ChildrenAccording to Robert Campbell, senior policy analyst for Feeding America, more people can be helped if the legislation succeeds. Feeding America is a network of over 200 food banks. “These … new provisions would allow us to get into those areas that are not served, that are underserved, where it’s so hard for families to have access,” said Campbell. 

Because schools qualify as feeding centers, children could receive free breakfast and lunch at their local school. Currently, children usually travel to central locations to have their meals. During the summer, school is not in session and there is no transportation. The Senate bill would allow for greater flexibility, allowing “takeout” meals and delivery to children’s homes. States could also issue EBT cards, on which an additional $30 per month per child would be added.

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