The revision of science standards to include climate change and greenhouse gases will soon be considered by the Utah school board.

The new set of standards reflects the impact on climate change that is caused by human activity.

“We made some changes for clarity,” said  Utah Office of Education science specialist Ricky Scott. “Nothing huge has been done.”


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The latest draft is the third attempt to change the standards, which have not had an in depth review in 20 years. It incorporates public feedback from a thirty day review.

61 scientists sent a letter to Scott and the board urging that the standards reflect that the Earth’s rising temperatures are linked to human activity.

“The wording of these standards is potentially misleading due to some significant omissions,” the letter states. “In our experience, many primary and secondary school teachers — and others — harbor serious misconceptions about the subject, and it is likely they will propagate these errors if the standards are not made adequately explicit.”

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