In an attempt to keep kids engaged, a teacher is discovering that students improve focus on math standing or seated, or rolling back and forth on an exercise ball.

Students Improve Focus on Math Standing or SeatedAlternative seating arrangements are making a difference in Marielle Edgecomb’s class at Peninsula School as students actually retain more focus choosing to stand, sit, or stretch with a variety of stand up desks, theraballs,stretchy bands, and wiggle cushions. 

“I have students that stand for awhile and then choose to sit and others who stand the whole class,” Edgecomb said. “The students make choices about what they need each day and throughout the class.”

Edgecomb tries to support student focus in whatever ways she can. That could include a glass of water or snacks to munch on.

“If they need it, we do it,” Edgecomb said.

14 year old Zach Lord prefers standing at an adjustable tabletop that can be set at different heights.

“When you stand up, you’re more aware,” he said. “When you do math problems, you’re more in tune.”

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