An Author in Residence program encourages student writers who freely network with published authors at monthly sessions and online.

Author In Residence Program Encourages Student WritersThe Papillon La Vista Community Schools host monthly Author in Residence sessions for fourth grade students from all 15 district elementary schools and offers the students opportunities to share their work with authors and Skype with them.

Author Jeff Kurrus has been in residence this year, and students from Portal Elementary freely shared ideas at the last monthly writers workshop, offering suggestions for his story and asking questions about theirs. He uploads his work to an online platform for the students to review. He also looks at their work, and shares it with other writers.

This is the program’s third year but there are new developments this year. Kurrus originally worked with larger groups, but on a smaller scale.  This is the first year that the program has become more involved and utilizes the social aspect to keep students creating and working on their own writing and reading.

“When students get in those later elementary grades, that’s when they begin to put their work in front of their friends. There’s a social aspect,” Kurrus said. “That’s when we start to lose writers. I see that every day in here.”

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