It may seem strange, but Bow Tie Tuesdays unite students at a middle school which has grown a new tradition.

Bow Tie Tuesdays Unite StudentsAt Manheim Township Middle School, the students are wearing bow ties as part of a Tuesday tradition. The odd practice started with two teachers, and grew in popularity.

It started when Chris Hall, a math teacher, got married and wore a Dwayne Wade specialty tie.  After the start of the school year, Hall asked social studies teacher James Michaud if he’d like to set aside one day a week for wearing bow ties.

Michaud has occasionally worn bow ties and liked the idea. “One of our things is building relationships with kids,” he said. “Bow ties are a conversation starter.”

Some of the kids also picked up on the teacher trend. After two months, Bow Tie Tuesday was in full swing.

“They call it their bow tie game. And you gotta keep it strong,” said Michaud.

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