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New research suggests that the brain connections of compulsive video game players may be different from those who do not play video games with such frequency.

Brain Connections of Compulsive Video Game PlayersIt is not clear if gaming causes the changes, or if the subjects’ brains were already “wired” with the difference.  Researchers note that not all the changes are negative.

Those who obsessively play video games are sometimes referred to as having Internet Gaming Disorder.  They play games so much that they lose sleep, miss meals, and have problems integrating normal life into game playing.

The study conducted by the University of Utah of nearly 200 South Korean boys linked obsessive gaming with differences in connections between brain regions. 106 of the boys ages 10 t0 19 had sought treatment for Internet Gaming Disorder.  Scientists compared their MRIs to the scans of 80 other boys who did not have the disorder.

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