In an unusual approach, a charter school features a music based curriculum which is integrated with math, science, and reading.

Charter School Features a Music Based CurriculumAt Tindley Genesis Academy, first graders have gone beyond singing simple childhood songs.  Instead, they are singing a song from “Orpheus in the Underworld,” Jacques Offenbach’s comic operetta, and loving it!

Some schools are cutting back on their music program.  But in Indianapolis, Tindley Genesis makes music the main focus.  The music based curriculum is a complete approach for kindergarten through third grade.

In four music classes a week, students are given the opportunity to foster better stage presence, eye contact, self confidence, and vocal projection.  The classes are general music, performing arts, world drumming, and piano lessons.

In the other classes, the music continues.  Drumming is used to teach reading.  Teachers recite raps to help students remember multiplication tables and seasons.

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