Dual enrollment classes are increasing in number among high school students, providing opportunities for students to get a head start on college and reduce tuition costs.

Dual Enrollment Classes are Increasing in NumberBy the end of the school year, Delaware high school students will have tripled the number of dual enrollment courses that they took two years ago.

Governor Jack Markell believes that the increase is a positive development, and wants more students to take the classes.  He views dual enrollment as key to enabling more students to enter college, especially those for whom there is little family encouragement or who are from low income families.

“Our goal is to make dual enrollment available for every student in Delaware who wants to participate, and together we are making that more of a reality every year,” Markell said.

High school teachers earn certification as dual enrollment instructors from a university or college in order to teach college level courses.  The program is viewed positively as students have more academically challenging material, and are able to satisfy credits early, making college more affordable and attainable.

Dual-enrollment teachers are high school teachers who earn a certification from a university or community college to teach college-level coursework. State officials and local school leaders say the classes are a good deal for kids because they provide students more academically challenging material earlier, knock off credits early to make attending college easier and cheaper, and show students that college is in their grasp.

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