Creating video games is a distant ambition for some children, but one school is serious enough about making it happen that the entire middle school was awarded Hour of Code certificates.

Entire Middle School was Awarded Hour of Code CertificatesAt Logan Fontenelle Middle School, the entire student body is technologically savvy, creating games for their phones.  All of the 500 students at the school have received an Hour of Code certificate of completion.

It’s not unusual for some students in any school to complete the course, but it is unusual to have all of the students in the entire school complete the training. Last year, English teacher Santha Walters made it a priority to train other teachers, and the program started with about sixty students.

“… in Omaha alone next year, they’ll have over 4,000 computer programming jobs open. Every job sector needs it, from the schools to big businesses, banks, insurance companies — everywhere,” Walters said.

Advanced Placement computer programming is available in high school, but there are no similar courses at the middle school level, so certification from fills some of that gap. “Some of these kids are really gifted at it. So this is one of the best ways to prepare them to be career-ready,” Walters said.

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