A citizenship program in a middle school makes it possible to have fifth graders become super citizens.

Fifth Graders Become Super CitizensThird, fourth, and fifth graders at Sumiton Middle School are learning about American history and heritage through the Liberty’s Legacy Super Citizen Program. Students nominate a local hero for recognition, and listen to Lady Liberty, or “Libby” speak about the history of the Statue of Liberty.

Teacher involvement is very important, and they receive free Super Citizen Program Resource Kits to guide students through the program over eight to ten weeks.  The lessons are about civics, financial literacy, character, social studies, and careers.

The Torch Teams unit of the curriculum enables students to nominate and recognize a local hero.  Teachers work with students to implement this recognition alongside regular curriculum.

“While we all have different American stories … we all share in the same bright futures and hopes that are made possible by the things that [the Statue of Liberty] stands for,” Lady Liberty told the students.

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