Math teachers are discovering that flipped instruction helps students succeed in math.  Several years ago, at Hutchinson High School, teachers decided to make more time to answer questions and dig more deeply into ideas and concepts.

Flipped Instruction Helps Students Succeed in Math“It felt like you were a fireman figuring out what is the most important fire to put out with all the hands in the air,” said math teacher Kyle Schroeder.

The department decided to try utilizing flipped instruction, and so far they have had much success.

“In a typical classroom the teacher leads with the instruction,” Schroeder said. “There is an interactive piece where the teacher talks about the lesson for the day, maybe they use a white board. With flipped instruction, we pre-record that and they watch it at home.”

Students watch lessons online, often on YouTube.  The lesson is recorded by the SMARTBoards in the classrooms, and students hear the teacher’s audio as well as see what is written on the board as it is being written.

Students are able to proceed at their own pace, and class time is dedicated to answering questions, solving problems, and exploring the concepts more deeply, rather than lecture time by the teacher.

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