Learning about financial literacy and helping their peers to learn was a powerful demonstration of how the Generation Citizen program involves students in civics.

Generation Citizen Program Involves Students in CivicsAt Lowell High School in Massachusetts, students in Bryan Scheckman’s class know how to work the system to get a financial literacy program in place at their school.

The students conducted a survey of peers on financial knowledge, and made preparations to present the case to the School Committee. This is just one piece of activism that social studies students have engaged in as they learn more about practical uses of civics while piloting the Generation Citizen program.

“This isn’t a program where it’s all theoretical,” said Social Studies Department Chair Robert De Lossa. “The kids are actually trying to make a difference in something. ”

The choice of the topic is up to the students, as they work on a pitch to deliver to judges on Civics Day at the State House.  Participating students from across the state gather together at the state capital, sharing activities and ideas for change.

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