Kids are learning about science from cabbage plants, thanks to a national program that gives the cabbages away to third graders.

Kids Are Learning About Science From Cabbage PlantsThe Bonnie Plants Cabbage Program was started in 2002. It gives free cabbage plants to third grade students across the USA, so they can plant and care for them and learn about plant growth in their science classes.

In South Carolina, the All Saints Episcopal Day School has participated in the program for several years.

“The third graders are thrilled when the cabbage plants arrive,” said third grade teacher Mary Lea Stone. “They enjoy planting the cabbage plants and are amazed that the plants can grow so large. It is a fun family project that we look forward to every year.”

Teachers can order lesson plans from the Bonnie company. Students learn in these lessons about planting, fertilizing, watering, and why plants need light and the right temperature.

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