Kindness is important to fifth graders at Bryant Elementary School, and they have been focused on it as a class.

Kindness is Important to Fifth Graders“If anything, we hope kids come away with the idea that kindness is so important,” said fifth grade teacher Penny Hudson. “The little things that people will appreciate. If someone drops something in the hallway, and there’s someone there to pick it up, that’s just a kind action. But yet some of our kids don’t realize it’s that simple. That can make or break someone’s day.”

The Fifth Grade Kindness Retreat has been an annual event that students have looked forward to for years. For one day, students from Superior Middle School and Superior High School act as group leaders. They talk to the younger students, play with them, and dance together.

“I thought it was really awesome they took time out of their day to come here,” said fifth grader Samuel Lavin.

Each year the students choose what they want to eliminate from the school. The choice always centers on a form of bullying. This year’s retreat centered on stopping gossip and rumor.

“I would like people to stop talking behind other people’s backs,” said fifth grader Presley Kalin. “It just causes bigger problems.”

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