Students from around the world have great ideas, and are learning English by writing op-eds about diverse subjects such as bullying, drunk driving, and why some Muslim women wear a hijab.

Learning English By Writing Op-EdsAt Lowell High School in Massachusetts, the English Language Learner students in Jessica Lander’s class are writing out their opinions.  Lander is an op-ed contributor for the Boston Globe.

“I think op-ed writing is incredibly important as a way to raise awareness about issues you care about,” she said.

Now her students have a larger opportunity – not only are they writing their opinions, but Lander will choose some of the student op-eds to run on the op-ed pages of the Lowell Sun.  Other op-eds written by the students will be featured on the newspaper’s website.

Lander is an English as a Second Language teacher with experience in Southeast Asia.  Her students have been learning to edit, and craft clear arguments in their writing.

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