A new language program is being supported by  a $50,000 grant from a private education foundation.

New Language Program is Being Supported by a $50,000 GrantThe matching grant was awarded by the New York based E.E. Ford Foundation to the Dublin School for development of a foreign language initiative in grades 9-12. The private school with a student body of 150 students will create a focus on Spanish, so that every student will study the same language.  Currently, the school offers courses in French, Latin, Mandarin, and Spanish.

The  E.E. Ford Foundation’s mission is to strengthen independent secondary schools.  They see merit in the initiative and feel it can be a model for other schools.

“Schools throughout the United States have struggled to launch their students on a path to language mastery despite the best efforts of their language teachers,” said head of school Brad Bates. “At Dublin we believe that the process of learning a world language and developing deep cross-cultural understandings are critical to a student’s education in the twenty-first century.

“We believe that true learning takes place when all members of the community are supporting the specific and individual learning process of our students.”

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