High school students are being offered new ways to avoid college remedial classes, and they will save both time and money while increasing their odds of graduation.

New Ways to Avoid College Remedial ClassesIn Mississippi, 97 schools across the state will offer classes in math and literacy to students who would otherwise be required to take developmental classes required by Institutes of Higher Learning prior to starting college level classes.  The classes offer no credit but cost money.  If the students pass the free classes in high school, they will be able to start college with college level courses.

“The minute I heard that, I wanted to jump on it,” said Dina Holland, principal at St. Martin High School. “Not only is it an opportunity to build better skills but it’s another course offering and just better college preparation.”

“As someone who has a child in college, I can certainly appreciate not having to pay for a course that doesn’t count toward a degree,” Holland continued.

The Institutes for Higher Learning oversee public universities in Mississippi.  It mandates students who do not score at 16 or above on ACTs in math or English to take a developmental class before taking college courses.  Community colleges have similar procedures ensuring students are ready for more difficult classes.

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