According to a recent study, MRI scans show that numbers are processed on both sides of the brain.  Math is processed bilaterally, and both sides are used to visualize and process numbers.

Numbers are Processed on Both Sides of the BrainWhile the brain divides duties, and it is common to assume that left brained people are good at logic and language, and right brained people are creative. However, the two hemispheres of the brain share many tasks. There are very few functions that are confined entirely to one side or the other.

The study was conducted in Germany by neuroscientists from Friedrich Schiller University Jena and Jena University Hospital.  They used MRI scans to view 3D imagery of the test subjects’ brains while the subjects performed mathematical operations requiring them to visualize numbers.

A portion of both hemispheres were active during the process.

“This region has been a kind of blind spot in the human brain until now,” researcher Mareike Grotheer said.

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